Access to the whole prices related to services and functioning of the library

Registration to the library

The registration is free for (proof needed) :

  • INSA and Toulouse University students, academics and staff
  • INSA and the Toulouse University  interns, invited and temporary staff
  • Members of organizations which signed an agreement with the Toulouse University library network
  • Job seekers

The registration is charged for the others :

  • For institutions members of the public sector : 34 €
  • For institutions members of the private sector : 44 €

It is possible to subdivide this price on an access period: 3 months (8, 5 €) and 6 months (17€)


Inter-libraries loan (PEB)

The borrowing between libraries service enables to request for books or articles from other libraries when they are not in one of the libraries of the Toulouse university library network.

The request is online: click here

For the supplementary fees of the PEB (extern libraries), check the complete fees document



Price for services, INSA’s department and others (non-students)

Price for students

Articles photocopies sent by post

French supplier

2,50 €

2,50 €

Foreign supplier

16,00 €

8,00 €

Documents borrowing

French supplier

15,00 €

7,50 €

Foreign supplier

35,00 €

17,50 €


*teacher-researchers requests can be taken in charge by department or laboratories: notify in the comments part that you obtained the authorization from the institution your part of.


Book repayment in case of loss

-        Lost books, non-returned or worn away: repaid at the price (including taxes) of the latest edition

-        If the book is no longer published: 75 €