Borrowing terms and conditions


To borrow documents you need subscription.

When you register, you receive a card that you can use in all the libraries of the Toulouse university library network.

If you give back your borrowed documents behind schedule in one of the library of the network, you will be suspended of borrowing. The period of suspension is equal to the number of days delay.


Borrowing rules


  Number of documents

 Loan period 


Who ? 





 once for 3 weeks

Students from 1st year to 5th year
Non INSA users



  twice for 3 weeks 

PhD, Academics, Staff, Study work program students, disabled





 Community borrowers





return on september

 Community borrowers

Courses reserves


 1, 3, 6, ou 9 mois


 Items may be borrowed by INSA students and academics only


Library use only 

Revues & Magazines 

Last issue → 


2 weeks 


 Community borrowers

 3 days


 Community borrowers

Interlibrary loan




 Community INSA only

Ipad -eReaders


 3 weeks


 Community INSA only






Library use only :
Laptop, marker pens, headphone, eraser, etc
Videoprojectors, calculators, chess games




The shuttle: give back your borrowed documents in the library of your choice

A book shuttle service for the returns works between the network institutions

Borrow in the library which has the document you want, give it back in the library near to you, we take care of the documents return.

Interlibrary loan : borrow a document which is not in the Toulouse network

You didn’t find a copy available in Archipel? The SUDOC lists all the university libraries in France: if the document you are searching for is available elsewhere, make a request at the PEB service (Inter-library loan).

Document borrowing during the closure

Bib’INSA gives you the opportunity to borrow documents during the summer closure: these are the summer borrowing. They begin in mid-June.

For more information, please ask to the library staff.

Periodicals borrowing

Periodicals can be borrowed and the daily newspapers.


Borrowing extension

You can extend once your borrowing, before the return deadline. The extension can be made by different ways:

-        Going to the library

-        Calling at the

-        Sending an email at bibinsa @, specifying your surname, name and login details (N°INE or bar code)

-        Logging in on Archipel from the library website or from the ENT (Bib’INSA tab). Click on “My account”, log in and then click on “Emprunts” / “Borrow” to renew the books you want


Week-end borrowing

Some books can be borrowed for the week-end from the Friday at 12am to the Monday at 2pm.

They are notified with “prêt week-end”



What is an exeat ?

An exeat is an official document which attests that you are in order with the libraries of the Toulouse university library network (no non-returned document, no money debt to the library …)

If you are not in a good standing with one of the institutions, a diploma delivery or its certificate or the transfer to another higher education institution is compromised.

As it certifies that you have given back all the borrowed documents, its delivery closes your registration to the Toulouse University library network for the current year.


How to ask for an exeat ?

Go to the lending bank of the INSA library with your student card.