Study rooms

6 study rooms are available to you

Teamwork involves presenting, arguing, explaining and demonstrating

... Some simple rules :

➠ Booking on Bib'box service is required

Bib’Box service allows you to visit which rooms are free and to make your booking.


➠ 3 to 8 persons maximum

If you are only two persons we do think that you can whisper in the reading room and be enough discreet to not annoy anyone. We trust you.

We don’t accept more than 8 persons per room for security reasons. If you are more than 8, why don’t you make two groups and book two working rooms?

➠ No booking for the whole day

Different booking time slot are available from 30 min to 3 hours maximum, this way everyone can use and enjoy these working rooms.


Be careful: if a booking room is unoccupied 15 minutes after the reservation time, it is automatically assigned to another group