The debate workshops

The debate workshops :

The debate workshops are organised and led by Eva Serdimet, membre of the European Youth Parliament once every two months for 2 hours. Two to three subjects from the news are discussed. These workshops are for every students and staff members, french and international, but it is advised to have a conversational level of french to be able to talk about specific subjects and to be able to understand every participant.

Debating is democratic exercise that has many purposes :

  • To give the participants a space and a time where they can express themselves freely.
  • To teach the participants to talk about themselvesn their experiences and their feelings without being judgemental.
  • To learn how to reason and to debate about concrete situations, to develop criticals abilities and to be more openminded.
  • To give the participants the opportunity to build a knowledge together, as well as answers.


Read the debate charter


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